How can I tell that I am protected while surfing?

The IP address can provide information about the security of surfing. Check that your IP address matches the number on the user interface.

At you can find the IP address you use to navigate the Internet.

The user interface shows you with which IP address you are logged in. At the same time you can see the respective location. This is, among other things, the country in which you are currently located.

The IP address differs depending on the location. When you log in in other countries, the IP address is different.

Furthermore, you can increase the protection while surfing with additional measures. If you are connected to WLAN in your PrivacyCube (cable to WIFI mode) and at the same time use a network cable for the Internet connection, your PC or laptop will always choose to connect via the network cable.

If you want to protect yourself as best as possible while surfing, you should remove the network cable to surf safely via the PrivacyCube.